Layoff and Firing
Layoff and Firing

Layoff and Firing

Tom Peters once said the day firing becomes easy it is the day to fire yourself. And the truth is there is nothing harder for a manager to do than to let people go, but hard as it is it is sometimes unavoidable.

If you stay in a management or leadership position, long enough, chances are you are going to have to fire someone or worse you might be forced to make multi employee layoff decisions, or at least be the one pick to implement those decisions. So, the question is, how do we do it?

How do we terminate someone from our organization in a way that preserves their dignity and reputation while also minimizing the impact on the company's morale, as well as the company's performance? In this 21 minutes course, we will show you how to do exactly that!



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Written by

Tahnoon Noman